Tour Our Conservation Center Virtually


The Turtle Conservancy is pleased to announce our new interactive virtual tour experience!

You can join us via ZOOM at our beautiful conservation center for an exclusive opportunity to go behind the scenes of our giant tortoise habitat! This exciting and unique education program will allow you explore alongside our island dwellers as you and your family will be introduced to our Galapagos and Aldabra tortoises. Participants will learn about the diversity of two different species while engaging alongside a knowledgeable turtle guide.

Our educational department has developed these interactive tours to offer your family a unique learning experience from the comfort of your home. We will dive into the importance of turtle conservation as turtles are the most endangered group of vertebrates on the planet! We encourage you to ask any turtle questions you may have. Our goal is to create a memorable experience that connects people to nature and to inspire children to act as stewards to our turtle friends.

Our virtual tours are a benefit of membership starting at the Radiated Tortoise level of $100, which is good for a family. Please visit our website to learn more about membership levels and to support turtle conservation! 

To schedule your private virtual tour, contact Paris Pi?a to reserve your spot today! 

We hope you are all healthy and staying safe!

All the best,

The Turtle Conservancy Team