Slowly but surely we are reopening in California!


Virtual and In-Person Tours for members and classrooms

We are beginning to emerge from our shells! The TC campus in Southern California is planned to carefully reopen for small groups beginning November 1st. This experience is exclusive to donors and members.  This is in conjunction with ongoing virtual tours and classroom experiences for those unable to travel.

We will be following strict COVID-19 safety precautions for in-person groups, which may not exceed six persons. 

Our virtual tours and classroom experiences continue to be a resounding success! We have been able to provide online classes and virtual field trips for schools, grades K-12. These educational tours show the inner-workings of our facilities, a better understanding of nature and wildlife, and how we tackle major issues facing the planet and its animals. We tailor our presentations to the audience so not only do you get to see giant charismatic tortoises but we can delve into the science and conservation of these species.

Email to reserve a tour if you are a current member or to inquire about membership.